Operation Exodus - Aid Leads To Aliyah

Aid Leads To Aliyah

Operation Exodus - Aid Leads to Aliyah

This past July we brought humanitarian aid to Jewish families in the Rostov-on-Don region of Russia who have either a lot of children or children with physical disabilities. 

These visits, made with the cooperation of the Hesed Jewish charity, provide us with wonderful opportunities to encourage these families to make aliyah. Some were first visits, but we had already met one family with three children last year. Now the couple had a new baby.

They had held back from making aliyah in spite of us urging them to do so because they hoped the authorities would give them a new flat. Instead they received money - but not enough to afford anything better than the tiny one-room flat they shared with their 83-year-old grandmother. They realised that the only way to overcome the problem was to go to Israel! We have been helping them in the aliyah process and the Israeli consul has given them the green  light to do so. God is bringing His people home!