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Ebenezer – Operation Exodus has been blessed over the years by the dedicated work of Western volunteers in the former Soviet Union. They come from many nations, languages and cultures to help seek out Jewish people, showing them from the prophetic Scriptures that God is calling them home to Israel and explaining how Ebenezer can help them to do so. They distribute humanitarian aid, make contact with local churches to share about the work in order to gain help in finding Jewish people and to encourage Christians to carry on the work of urging God’s chosen ones to make aliyah. The last few years has seen Ebenezer doing much to encourage local churches in the fSU to be more committed to the work of aliyah – and this is showing encouraging fruit.

Western volunteers are still needed, but it is felt that a shorter and more focused term of service, of between three and four weeks on average, is also needed as well as the extended three–month period. Ebenezer believes that offering this length of service will provide greater opportunities for young people to serve in the field during their university vacations or normal holiday breaks from work.

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