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Confidentiality: Please note that all prayer material must be treated confidentially and only copied for distribution within prayer groups specifically praying for Ebenezer Operation Exodus. No prayer material is to be casually handed out. Please remember that prayer material is not produced to promote Ebenezer/Operation Exodus, the quarterly Bulletins fulfill this particular function.

Areas for prayer include:- Ebenezer Operation Exodus Leadership (International Board, Regional Boards, Operational Directors, Regional/National Co-ordinators), fSU Operations, Ministry in Israel, Volunteers, Humanitarian Aid, Offices and Functions (incl. Head Office Bournemouth, Operational Offices, Publicity Material, Conferences and Speaking Tours)


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This Letter/Information Update gives an overview from the operations and work of the ministry in the fSU and internationally. It is necessary for all prayer partners. Please clearly state if you would like a hard copy (through the normal post) or email. (Please note, the information is usually about 10 pages long. If you choose to receive by email, it is necessary to print it off for reference throughout the two months)

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Prayer Updates are sent out as necessary in-between the mailing of the Prayer Alert, detailing urgent and current items for prayer, they cover the full breadth of the ministry. These can only be received by email.

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(If you are house bound and pray alone or pray with one other partner we greatly appreciate your prayers)


Brief Personal Testimony relating to your desire to pray for the Aliyah and describing how you came into contact with the ministry of Ebenezer Operation Exodus


Name and Address of church where you worship: (It is helpful for us to have knowledge of churches where, within the Body, there is understanding of and support for the work of Operation Exodus)

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