Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Drawing Them Home

Drawing Them Home

Operation Exodus - Aid Leads to Aliyah

During a trip to Israel I had a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the Jewish people we have helped to make aliyah. One of them was a young lady called Irina, who went to Israel with her parents and brother when she was a child. 

The family had lived in Ukraine, where Irina’s father had a dream concerning ‘Be’er Sheva.’ Not knowing what this meant, they eventually found the explanation at the Jewish Agency. Out of curiosity, they went to the Israeli Consulate in Kiev to find out about repatriation. There they discovered that they had all the necessary documents and could be granted visas immediately! Leaving the consulate, they met some of our workers (Ebenezer’s office was in the same building), who gave the family all the help they needed. 

They have settled successfully in Israel and Irina is now married and has children of her own.