Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Utbildning


A vital part of the ministry of Ebenezer - Operation Exodus is teaching the Church, the Body of Christ, about Israel and the worldwide return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland in accordance with God's Word. Increasingly in the past few years it has been recognised how important it is for local churches to understand and assume their responsibility to care for the Jewish people in their own communities. So Ebenezer has entered into a partnership with the Dutch organisation Christians for Israel International (CVI) to develop Russian language teaching materials in the Russian language pastors and church leaders in the former Soviet Union. This joint initiative, an extension of the partnership which began in 2004 to help Jewish people go home from all over the earth, also involves implementing education programs for these leaders.


Aliyah (making of): The process of Jewish emigration to Israel. The Hebrew word means to 'go up' - as in going up to Jerusalem.

Former Soviet Union (fSU): The republics that became independent following the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991.

Olim: Hebrew word used for Jewish people immigrating to Israel