Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Vanliga frågor om Ebenezer's arbete

Vanliga frågor om Ebenezer's arbete

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't Ebenezer evangelising Jews instead of just helping them go to Israel?

Because God's calling to Ebenezer is to help bring Jewish people back from the former Soviet Union and other nations, and our understanding from the Scriptures is that most Jewish people will be saved after they are brought back to their own land - not before (see Ezekiel 36:24-29; Hebrews 8:8-12; Romans chapters 10 & 11). Ebenezer means 'stone of help' and our desire is that the depth of love in action as we help Jewish people go back to Israel will be a stepping-stone to their salvation. Romans 11:25-26 indicates that God is going to reveal His son, Jesus, to the whole nation of Israel as the true Messiah and King of the Jews. This will happen in the context of His second coming. Then the Lord will take Israel into a new covenant. Aliyah is the first phase of God's prophetic agenda for His people in these last days and Ebenezer was born to make a small, but significant contribution to the fulfilment of God's Word. Although we cannot preach the Gospel to Jews we can direct them to the Father - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus said, 'I and the Father are one.'

What happens to new Jewish immigrants once they arrive in Israel?

They immediately become the responsibility of the Israeli government's Ministry of Absorption. Many olim (as repatriates are called) have their first days in Israel eased by the presence of family members or friends already living there. Those who don't have relatives in the land are given free accommodation for the first 9 - 12 months, which is enough to get them started in their new life. It means that those who arrive with nothing are fully taken care of for the first six months while attending ulpan (Hebrew classes) full-time. For the rest of their first year in Israel they are given assistance according to means, and even into the second year they can receive some benefits. (See the Ministry in Israel section on how Ebenezer helps Jewish people to settle down after they arrive in the Land).

How many Jewish people are left in the former Soviet Union?

From what we can gather from the various statistics, there are approximately 900,000 still living there.