Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Ebenezers krisfonds historia

Historia år för år 1991 - 1998


Olim arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel 1991

Head office of Ebenezer Emergency Fund founded by Gustav and Elsa Scheller and Head Office set up in Bournemouth. Funds raised by supporters to finance Jewish agency flights from Budapest, Hungary, bringing 720 Russian Jews to Tel Aviv.

Dec '91 - Jan '92

Greek vessel Mediterranean Sky chartered to carry 1,400 olim (Jewish repatriates) in three sailings from Odessa to Haifa.


A time of waiting, laying foundations for the expansion of the EEF network.
Prayer support built up. German office opened.


A Ukrainian ship, the Dmitry Shostakovich, was chartered for 25 sailings between March and December, carrying about 2,500 Jewish people to Israel from Odessa.
The volunteer process established.
International Advisory Board formed and appointment of National Co-ordinators in New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and USA.


More waiting on the Lord. EEF officially registered in Ukraine.
Three mercy flights operated from Armenia direct to Israel.
Work started in Central Asia republics.
Start of Humanitarian Aid programme.


Olim leaving Odessa aboard the Cruise Liner D Shostakovich 1995

Dmitry Shostakovich used for 10 more sailings.
EEF helped nearly 100 olim from Armenia.
Expansion of the work in Kazakhstan with 600 Jews making aliyah ('returning' to Israel) by air during the year.
Staff of paid Ukrainians formed.


Twelve more sailings of the Dmitry Shostakovich, including EEF's 50th voyage.
A year of expansion in Siberia, with a base established in Khabarovsk, Russian Far East.
A representative for Uzbekistan appointed, with an increase in numbers of Jews going 'home' from this area. Jews from Kazakhstan and Armenia continue to make aliyah. Humanitarian Aid activities stepped up, especially in Ukraine and Siberia.


Sailings of the Dmitry Shostakovich continue.
Further expansion of the work of Ebenezer in Siberia, with a base established in Novosibirsk.


A marked increase in aliyah from the fSU; base established in Georgia.

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