Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Humanitär hjälp

Humanitär hjälp

Humanitarian Help for the survivors of the Holocaust

Ebenezer - Operation Exodus has distributed many hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid to needy people living in the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is teamwork involving the volunteers and workers who serve faithfully in the fSU (some have done so for many years) and committed and faithful supporters who have consistently supported us in prayer and through financial giving. Our work would not have been possible without this support.

The humanitarian aid work is vital, not only in providing a bridge into Jewish communities but because it is often the key to aliyah as our teams share the Scriptures with Jewish families about God's eternal plans for them to return to Israel. In winter EEF runs a number of humanitarian aid projects which involve the purchase of good quality winter shoes, particularly for children, medicines for Holocaust survivors and food parcels for the poor and needy. The giving of this aid is coupled with the call to Jewish people to make aliyah.

For many in the fSU, life is a battle for survival without even the basic needs. The cost of medicines and the most necessary of foods amidst the worsening economic situation cause particular hardships. As well as needing the continual financial provision through our supporters to buy the necessary aid items, Ebenezer needs much prayer backing to know God's mind on how to work both creatively and effectively in the days to come.

The humanitarian aid ministry needs much support. A heavy cost area is the ongoing maintenance of existing vehicles and purchase of new ones for this work. Our teams drive many thousands of miles each year, often along bad roads in remote and difficult regions.