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Arbete i Israel

Ministry in Israel

Ebenezer opened its Jerusalem office in 2006 under the supervision of Shirley Lawrenson, Olim Liaison. This was a timely event, because during that year Israel fought a war in southern Lebanon with the Hezbollah terrorist organisation and northern Israel was under missile bombardment. Shirley made several trips to the north to provide families with comfort and aid, even as missiles fell around them.

The main purpose and focus of the Jerusalem office is to reach out to Jewish people who have made aliyah and are starting a new life in Israel. Many who come to the office seeking assistance demonstrate in their lives both the miracle of the Jewish return to the Promised Land and the determination of olim (immigrants) to become true citizens of Israel.

The olim are given comfort, encouragement and advice. In emergency situations food parcels are purchased, utility bills are paid for and other needs met.

Ebenezer's advice includes putting individuals in contact with both the social services and other private organisations, which have the relevant expertise and resources to provide longer-term help.

The Jerusalem team is also involved in meeting new arrivals on aliyah flights from the former Soviet Union and many other countries, including South Africa and the United Kingdom.