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Ebenezer Operation Exodus is an organisation called by God to help Jewish people return to Israel in fulfilment of Biblical prophesy. Our humanitarian aid programme provides practical support and comfort to the poor and needy in the jewish communities of the former Soviet Union, Israel and elsewhere.

News and Events Archive

Winter Humanitarian Aid Projects

It is a privilege for us as a ministry to take part in fulfilling God’s plans for His Chosen People. Across the former Soviet Union our teams are searching for and assisting Jewish people. Read more»

Drawing Them Home

During a trip to Israel I had a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the Jewish people we have helped to make aliyah. One of them was a young lady called Irina, who went to Israel with her parents and brother when she was a child. Read more»

Aid Leads To Aliyah

This past July we brought humanitarian aid to Jewish families in the Rostov-on-Don region of Russia who have either a lot of children or children with physical disabilities. Read more»

Gods Love Draws Them Home

This year we are celebrating 16 years of humanitarian aid ministry. The first consignment of aid arrived in Ukraine from the UK in February 1996. It was a great blessing as we visited Jewish communities with clothes, shoes, bedding and other needed things. Read more»

Winter Projects Appeal

For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them in their material blessings.’ Romans 15:27 In our latest Bulletin you will read more stories of Jewish families living in difficult circumstances… Read more»

News update work in the fSU - Russia

In the Stravropol region a family with 9 children are being raised by their mother who became interested in life in Israel after the team visited her. Read more»

News update work in the fSU - Kazakhstan

Zhanna gives thanksgiving to the Lord for the Jewish families making aliyah. Many of them are poor and suffer hardship and the desire of parents is for their children to have a good education. Read more»

News update work in the fSU - Ukraine

Fishing Representative Yanya shares that the last fishing trip to various regions was difficult as it was very hot and the living conditions were hard. Thirty of the eighty families visited immediately expressed the desire to leave for Israel. Read more»

Aliyah from the U.S.A.

Last month in New York we had the privilege of meeting a young Jewish/American lady named Michal and gave her a financial gift from Ebenezer which will assist Michal as she prepares to make Aliyah from the USA. Read more»

Prayer and Teaching in Bogota, Colombia

The Lord´s purpose in taking us to Colombia was to teach the one new man (Eph 2:11-19) to the church leadership and our duty in Israel’s complete restoration. Our Father gave us grace and favour with key persons of national influence in Bogotá who love and are committed to Israel. Read more»

Israel Friendly Environment in Sweden

This summer I attended the Oasis movement conference, in which Ebenezer Sweden had a stand. More than 6000 people attended the event so we had many visitors to our stand and we made some really good contacts. Read more»

Thailand hears about Aliyah

Abe Oommen, Board Member for SE Asia Oceania based in Cochin, India, writes about his recent trip: I look back today and I am amazed at what the Lord has done. On arrival in Bangkok we started the day with ministry for the family and staff at the hotel Read more»

Engage Ukraine 2011

We had a wonderful and very blessed trip! We experienced so many times that God’s timing for our group was perfect: meeting Jewish people,... we prayed, worshipped and proclaimed... we were able to share about our vision and why we love Israel. Read more»

Moscow Prayer Meeting - 800 attend

The fifth joint prayer meeting for Israel was held in Moscow on April 17, 2011. Five churches took part in the service. It was held in the building of the First Baptist Church of Moscow; the pastor is Serghey Zolotarevsky. Read more»

Argentina Update

The visit of our friend Enrique Porras went well. We were able to see first hand the signs of the growing pressure on the Jewish community in the form of damaged and defaced Jewish buildings and notices. Read more»

Japan - The Earthquake and Tsunami

This disaster has been serious enough just with the earthquake and the Tsunami, but what makes the situation much more serious was the problem of the radiation leaking in the nuclear power plants, because of the explosion there, Read more»

Aliyah Flight leaves on schedule

Monday 20th December 2010 was a bitterly cold day with fog and ice. Many passengers were stranded at airports. 70 Jewish people were gathering at a hotel in London for the "Early Check-In". Read more»

Operation Exodus Shoe Project

This winter we ran a number of shoe projects throughout the fSU here’s one such report from one of our workers based in the Urals. Read more»

New National Coordinator for Canada

We are pleased to announce that David Cummings has been appointed as National Coordinator for Canada. We welcome David and his wife Carol into the ministry. David introduces himself below Read more»

Aliyah continues from South Africa

I joined the 8th group Aliyah flight from South Africa which left on 20th December 2010 with 48 Olim. Read more»

Ebenezer celebrates 20th Anniversary

The culmination of a year’s planning came in January 2011 at the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem when 200 representatives of the Ebenezer Operation Exodus ministry from more than 30 countries participated in our 20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Conference. Read more»