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Latest Quarterly Bulletin

BULL004 - Latest Quarterly Bulletin

This twelve page issue is full of articles and pictures of Operation Exodus's work through out the nations.
Ebenezer's international quarterly bulletin provides the latest news and testimonies, principally from the former Soviet Union. To receive this bulletin every quarter you can sign up on our mailing list by clicking here (if you have items in your basket they will remain there when you return to the shop).

This bulletin is free to order and deliver. Maximum order is 10 copies. If you would like more please contact our Bournemouth office.

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Has The Church Replaced Israel

HSTCRI - Has The Church Replaced Israel

There are those who, as they read the Scriptures, see no further place for Israel in the purposes of God for his dealings with mankind. This belief is known as ‘Replacement Theology’. It is as its name suggests — a doctrine of replacement — specifically that God has turned from using the Jewish people to using the Church and that the nation of Israel has no longer any special significance.

The idea that God has finished with the Jewish people is not new. To find out more please order a copy.

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Biblical Prophesy

EZ36 - Biblical Prophecy - The return of the Jewish people to Israel

This short 24 booklet exmines Ezekiel 36. Highlighting God's plans and purposes for Jewish people and how the return of the Jewish People to Israel (aliyah) brings honour to His Name. The sexond half of the booklet contains a number of biblical prophecies relating to the return of the Jewish people to Israel.

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