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When the Cross Became a Sword

WCBS - When the Cross Became a Sword
The Origin and Consequences of Replacement Theology

By Merrill Bolender
Ebenezer Representative in the USA

This NEW book examines the tragic role Christians have played in the persecution of Jews for centuries. Merrill identifies the theological error of replacement theology and shows how it has played a key role in the persecution of Jewish people through the centuries.

The church must understand the Jewish people’s prophetic role in the unfolding redemptive purposes of God in these last days. Only by repenting for past mistakes, will the church experience the healing, restoration, and reconciliation that God desires – for Israel and the church.

Price £3

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Prophesy Being Fulfilled

BKOpEX-20-ANN - Operation Exodus Book 20th Anniversary Edition

This updated edition includes 3 new chapters highlighting the expansion of the work.

Ideal for those who want to know more about the history of the ministry.

‘A story of guts against all odds. The best modern-day example of faith I’m aware of.’

Wayne Hilsden, Senior Pastor,
King of Kings Assembly, Jerusalem

Price £3

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Islam, Israel and The Church

IITC - Islam, Israel and the Church

Rarely out of the spotlight of international news, the crises in the Near East often arouse violent emotions. How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled?

The author brilliantly explores the historical and theological background to this conflict. With compassion, commitment to peace and deep spiritual insight, he provides keys to understanding God’s election in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Price £7.99

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God Keeps Covenant

GKC - God Keeps Covenant

A thirty-day study on God's love for Israel - By Wendy Beckett

There are so many questions among Christians today concerning the Lord's relationship with the Jewish people. What about the Holocaust? Why did God allow such atrocities if the Jews are still His chosen people? What is the Lord's view of the modern State of Israel? Why is much of the Church silent on this whole issue?

In this study Wendy does not present a theological argument, but the telling of a love story. The Father in heaven has chosen a people for Himself for purposes that are still not fully complete.

Highly recommended.

Price £5

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Why Israel

BKWI - Why Israel?

by Rev. Willem J. Glashouwer

Is Israel special?

Are the Jewish people special?

What about Jerusalem?

These exciting and current questions are explored in popular style, easily accessible to personal and group Bible study. The author considers the teaching of the Bible in context of current relationships in the Middle East on the role of the Palestinians, the place of Islam and what it all means for the church. He looks at the concepts of 'replacement theology' , 'election' and 'covenant' to show that the Bible supports the return of the Jewish people to Israel. He challenges the church to resist anti-Semitism if it is to support peace and claim a Scripture-inspired vision for the future.

Price £10

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