Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Thailand Hears About Aliyah

Thailand Hears About Aliyah

Abe Oommen, Board Member for SE Asia Oceania based in Cochin, India, writes about his recent trip.

I look back today and I am amazed at what the Lord has done. On arrival in Bangkok we started the day with ministry for the family and staff at the hotel who were so kindly hosting us (though the day was planned to take rest). But it was God’s plan that we should start from there as we were staying there for the whole week. They were so kind to us by providing the hotel facility to us.

Thailand hears about Aliyah - Operation Exodus
Thailand hears about Aliyah - Operation Exodus

Every day was packed with meetings in churches or in person. Resurreccion (our Thailand Representative) did an excellent job! Everything was so well planned well by her – of course it was Lord’s doing! We have made some valuable contacts and new relations with some wonderful people. By building on these relationships, we can strengthen the work of Operation Exodus (OE) in Thailand.

Nobu, the leader of the Bangkok Messianic House, was such a good support and even came to see us off at the airport. He also spoke with much passion when we asked all the leaders to join us for fellowship at Antioch Church. We are so blessed to have Nobu taking so much involvement and responsibility.

A number of key local pastors and prayer leaders interrupted busy schedules to attend our meeting and express their support. Very encouraging.

Abe Thomas Oommen - Operation Exodus

Abe Thomas Oommen
Board Member
SE Asia Oceania