Ebenezer Operation Exodus - Winter Humanitarian Aid Projects

Winter Humanitarian Aid Projects

It is a privilege for us as a ministry to take part in fulfilling God’s plans for His Chosen People. Across the former Soviet Union our teams are searching for and assisting Jewish people. In the first half of this year our teams visited over 5,700 Jewish families; distributed over 2,000 food parcels and helped over 1,200 olim to return to Israel. We have many projects to help us meet Jewish families and share the message of aliyah. Our 2011/2012 winter projects include:

1. Winter Shoe Project

Operation Exodus Shoe Project - Open Doors

The winter months can be very difficult for families living in the former Soviet Union. Many poor Jewish families suffer badly during the extremely cold winter weather. This year we will again be buying warm winter shoes to help children in need.

2. Medicines for Holocaust survivors

Operation Exodus - Medicines for holocaust Survivors

It is a privilege for us to help and bless Holocaust Survivors by providing medicines for them. Many of them have ongoing health problems due to the harsh condition they endured during the war years and the medicines they require are hard for them to afford on their meagre pensions.

3. Hanukkah food parcels

Operation Exodus - Hannukah Food Parcels

The Jewish feast of Hanukkah (21 - 28 December this year) is a wonderful opportunity for us to visit Jewish families bringing them festive greetings and a food parcel. Our teams are assured of a warm welcome.

4. Food parcels – throughout the winter

Operation Exodus - Food Parcels

We demonstrate ‘love in action’ by providing food parcels to needy Jewish families throughout the long winter months. In the midst of poverty, our teams bring hope and encouragement by providing for basic needs.


5. Winter clothing and blankets

We provide Jewish children with warm winter clothing to help them cope with the harsh conditions. Bringing these gifts opens hearts of the Jewish people and helps us build relationships.

6. Ongoing day-to-day aid needs

Providing for day-to-day needs is an excellent way for us to meet Jewish families and talk to them and encourage them to return to Israel.

7. School Stationery packs

Operation Exodus - School Stationery Packs    Operation Exodus - School Stationery Packs and Rucksacks


One new project this year is providing stationery packs for Jewish children returning to school for a new term; we have already heard this is bearing fruit.

Sometimes it only takes a small gift like a food parcel at Hanukkah, or winter shoes or clothes, or a set of stationary for schoolchildren, to touch the hearts of Jewish people and open them to the message of returning to Israel. Your support enables us to provide these gifts so thank you for your generosity so far. We invite you now to continue to support us so that we can carry on with this vital work.

Thank you for being part of this prophetic work.
Wishing you every blessing